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Arise Tech certified & trained Partner in India

World's largest mixed-reality display

"Imagine a display system, that creates a mixed reality experience that looks like living holograms. A display that projects living images as a layer onto the real world in any size and over any distance, using filmed or 3D animated content in full colour and 4K resolution.”

- Peter Simonsen, Inventor of DeepFrame

Effectively erasing the line between fiction and reality

With DeepFrame size is no longer an issue, as the displays can reproduce visuals of virtually any size, fundamentally changing how digital visualiations meet reality. This technology offer many applications that apply to a broad range of industries, to visualise everything from a new bridge, a car, a rebuilt castle ruin or a real-size spaceship hovering above the city skyline.

A view to another dimension

DeepFrame is a technology that looks very much like a window. Looking through it you see reality seamlessly mixed with huge animations looking like holograms.

There is no need for glasses

DeepFrame is a social experience that can be viewed by multiple viewers at a time, without the need of having to wear glasses. This is an obvious advantage in any public location.

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