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Rentals & Lease


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rentals

Participating in events or exhibitions or trade show ? want to try holographic displays to enhance your marketing campaigns at small scale before making purchase decision?

We are here to help you with your specific need of holographic displays for short duration. You can now rent a Dreamoc hologram displays for nominal rental fees for short duration. You can design your own package and we will offer best daily, weekly or monthly packages.

Use the power of holographic projection technology to mesmerize your audience and create Wow factor!

Want to execute Holo-Campaign Dreamocs Displays?

Is Budget a constraint ?

Don't Worry!! Whether its new product launch across the country or marketing campaign or roadshows or large scale mall activation across the country...

We understand that a business need is often driven by short term campaigns and there will often be constraints on budget as the investment needs to be allocated to the cost envelope of specific campaigns OR sometimes resources to manage the displays or equipment after/in-between campaigns is challenge OR sometimes actually investing in large numbers of display solutions as permanent asset will be challenge

Thus, we have come out with LEASE model to suit your specific needs and budget.

Now, you can lease from 1 to 100 Dreamoc holographic display and it can be all Dreamoc HD3  or combination of various Dreamoc model on 3 months lease or more.

We can also execute the whole campaigns from transportation to various locations/POS across the country to installation of displays to resource management.

Pay nominal fees per month per hologram display and get started your Holo-Campaign!

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