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Mesmerize your customers with Unique & Innovative 3D Holographic marketing Campaigns creating long lasting impression

Perfect for product launches and Point of Sale, Realfiction's Dreamoc 3D holographic displays are guaranteed to command attention in the busiest trade shows, malls and exhibitions

Our Motto is to bring best marketing technologies from around the world and by that, assist clients in taking advantage of the latest marketing & communication technologies to "Entice, Engage & Enchant" customers

One Stop Solution Provider

> Hardware >

Dreamoc Holographic Displays are available for Purchase, Rentals & long lease. Select from wide range of full HD Holographic Displays - one side (180) view POP3 to four side (360) view XXL3 & from 0.5 m X 0.5 m (HD3) to 2 m X 2 m (XXL3)

> Video Content >
I'm a title.

Communication your message through cool & engaging story telling - Create high quality 3D video content suitable for Holographic display. From simple logos to projection mapping to detailed cut sections & anyting, we can create all !!!

> Support & Services >

We provide all support you need to successfully execute your holographic campaign - like installation services, training, transportation in flight case, fabricate special stands, manpower during campaign, delivery across the world, display on rentals,

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